Ross Williams

photographer and encaustic painter

Since childhood, I have been surrounded with artistic endeavours with my mother being a potter and painter. My parents bought me a camera at age 7 and only provided black and white film on a limited basis but I always found it rewarding when I could capture what I see.

My first 35mm camera in my teens opened the door to landscape and night photography. I sold some early images back in the 1980’s during and after the time when I was an aerial photographer in Canada’s Arctic. But I have only recently got back into it, learning about digital photography rather than “analogue” or film.

I am currently exploring astrophotography, some macro photography and mainly landscapes. I am also experimenting with manipulating the emulsion on slide film to create some bizarre abstract images. I am mostly self-taught, reading voraciously about photography.

I have also taken a number of workshops learning about encaustic painting. This medium allows the artist to embed objects, transfer images, include photographs and numerous other techniques. This allows me to combine my love of photography with painting and mixed media. For more detailed information about encaustic painting, check out the very popular blog ( ) of my friend, Ruth Maude.


Travel Photography, Learning Annex, Toronto, ON

Figure Photography, Learning Annex, Toronto, ON

Street Photography, Kodak Seminars, Toronto, ON

Encaustic Painting, Michael Csafordi, Prince Edward County, ON

Intro to Encaustic Painting, Andrea Bird, The Hive, Alton, ON

Photo Encaustic, Tania Willems, The Hive, Alton, ON Photo

Encaustic Painting and Cera Colours, Joya Paul, Second Doors Studio, Toronto, ON

Encaustic Painting, Ann Shier, Second Doors Studio, Toronto, ON

Mixed Media Encaustic, Christina Lovisa, Collingwood, ON




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